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Pole and Steel Structures Design Elements

1. Truss/Column Notch

Trusses are set into a notch cut in the support post to maximize load-carrying and uplift capability. The truss are then nailed to the columns.

2. Roof Trusses

All trusses are factory built and computer engineered to meet specific loading capability of each individual building. They can also be designed for a ceiling load for sheet rock. See the Kootenai County Snow Load Map (13Mb) for specific loading requirements in North Idaho.

3. Door Headers

All overhead or sliding doors are spanned with K.D.F.L. 2" x 8" (rollup) or 2" x 12" (sliders)

4. Sliding/Roofing Panels

Champion Steel Buildings uses 29 gauge steel panels which are available in a wide range of colors.

5. Truss Bracing

We incorporate bottom chord bracing (rat run) to fully utilize truss strength.

6. Dimensions

Building sizes are unrestricted and can be customized to meet your requirements. Standard sizes that provide the most economy are:
Height: 8' through 18' in 2' multiples
Width: 24', 30', 36', 40', 50', and 60'
Length: multiples of 8', 10' and 12'

7. Columns

Posts are full sawn material, grade stamped pressure treated (0.60 CCA), set at the poper engineering depth and backfilled with concrete. Posts can range from 6" x 6" to 6" x 12".

8. Doors/Overhead or Sliders

Doors can be placed in most locations of your buildling, and are engineered for ease of operation and minimal maintenance.

9. Roof Purlins

K.D.F.L. 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" (or larger as required per engineering) purlins on edge are joist-hung between trusses 2' O.C. (or closer per engineering)

10. Vapor Barrier

100% OSB roof decking is used control condensation

11. Eavelights

Translucent fiberglass eavelight panels are available white or clear poly and come in lengths of 2' in the same configuration as the siding panels. (optional)

12. Windows

Standard vinyl windows are available in many sizes with regular or insulated glazing. All opening windows come with screens. (optional)

13. Walk Door

3' 0" x 6' 8" raised panel doors are equipped with keyed exterior lockset and custom trim.

14. Wall Girts

K.D.F.L. 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" (depending on engineering) lumber is spaced 2' O.C. to support the wind loads being applied to the walls and to provide area for screw fasteners.

15. Stud Walls/Ceiling Joists

Stud walls can be easily framed between the poles, along the ceiling joists, so you can insulate and finish off the interior of your building (optional)

16. Mud Board

2" x 10" pressure treated mud board keep sidewall metal from ground contact, protect against rot and decay and function as contrete forms for pouring the floor as well.

17. Screw Fasteners

Screws color matched to your exterior steel is standard. We also predrill our steel for straight lines (no chalk lines or pencil marks).

18. Building Trim

Available in a variety of colors to provide an attractive matching or contrasting compliment to your building. See our photo album for examples.

18a. Base Trim

Base trim seals the bottom of the sidewall panels to prevent insect or rodent infiltration.

18b. Wall Light Trim

Wall light trim provides a smooth transition from sidewall steel panels to wall lights.

18c. Eave Trim

Eave trim give a clean finished look at the top of the sidewalls.

18d. "C" Trim Covers

"C" trim covers cut steel edges around the overhead and entry doors and windows.

18e. Jamb Trim

Jamb trim covers the jambs around your overhead door openings to eliminate the need for painting.

18f. Track Covers

Track covers supported by interlocking brackets, keep out the weather and protect door hardware.

18g. Corner and Gable Trim

Gable and corner trim gives your building that finished look and seals up the building.

18h. Ridge Cap

The ridge cap is fastened with color matched screw fasteners, as are all of our trims, to seal off the peak completing a weather-tight roof system.

18i. Overhangs

Overhangs add a very nice appearance to any building. (optional)

18j. Facia Trim

Facia trim covers the wood facia on overhangs so you have that finsihed look.

18k. Soffits

Soffits on an overhang add that finished touch and prevent birds and bees form nesting.

18l. Lean-tos

Lean-tos and gable extensions are an inexpensive way to get a lot more roof coverage for extra storage. (optional)

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